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Welcome to sovyrn.

My name is zach. 

this is how  sov came to be.


Sometime in October of 2017 my good friend and I started a company very similar to Sovyrn, called Luvlyco. We spent many months working hard to grow Luvlyco's popularity, which might be the reason you're here now. As much as I loved Luvly and wanted it to succeed, I never felt like it fit my style of self expression.


thats why I started Sovyrn. The name comes from the term "sovereign nation". I felt like I needed to dive into my own brain for ideas and new ways to express myself fully. Partners and other peoples ideas can be extremely inspiring, and I'm not trying to downplay the extent that Luvly helped me grow, but there can come a time when following a guideline of how things should look or be made can start to kill creativity.


Sovyrn was my way of reviving my love for making things with my hands. I have the mindset that we, as humans, are all unique. We all have some sort of purpose, that, if we choose, can fulfill. I believe that my purpose is to create 1/1 items for 1/1 people to express themselves fully in. I hope to inspire people to capitalize on their own individuality. Whether that just means wearing sov, or opening you up to the fact that YOU can do or create whatever you want.


Photo Sep 29, 7 51 47 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 29, 7 51 51 AM.jpg
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